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Wow, it's been a while. [Sep. 17th, 2010|12:22 pm]
Whew...long time no see. ^_^'''

So much has happened since I last wrote. I finished my last few months in Japan, moved back to the States and started grad school a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, I was dead wrong about how long it would take to get the GS2 subs done x_x And for that, I must sincerely apologize to all who were waiting with bated breath for a release during the summer.

However, I can emphatically say that the project is not dead. Far from it! Despite my busy class schedule, I still fully intend to finish the subs--especially because I may be able to use them for a class assignment down the road :) As Phoenix says in the first play, "Once I start something, I see it through to the end." Never mind that the "end" may turn out to be some date in the distant future... :P

So to all of you who have been patiently waiting all this time, here's my advice to you (if you haven't already taken it): Forget that this project exists. Continue on with your lives as if you never even heard of it. And before you know it, voila! The subs will be done. A watched pot never boils, after all.

Now excuse me as I memorize these conjugations for my Classical Japanese class >_>
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Update (kinda) [Mar. 26th, 2010|07:29 am]
Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates recently. I've been busy with work and preparing for the Kanji Kentei exam in June, so I've had my hands full. As a result, I've made less progress on the translation than I hoped I would. However, I plan to use spring vacation to try to catch up, so hopefully it'll be done within a reasonable time frame. 
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Phoenix Wright the Musical 2: Preview Clips are Up! [Jan. 18th, 2010|07:39 pm]
Hello everyone! I have some good news :)

Work on the subtitles for the Takarazuka musical "Gyakuten Saiban 2: Yomigaeru Shinjitsu...Futatabi" (Turnabout Trial 2: The Truth Reborn--Again) is well underway! This is the sequel to the original musical. And like I did for the original, I have posted some preview clips on Youtube. Here are the links:

1) Prologue, Part 1:

2) Prologue, Part 2:

3) Detective Gumshoe and Lotta Hart:

4) Franziska von Karma, Part 1:

5) Franziska von Karma, Part 2:

I hope you enjoy! I would also appreciate any comments or suggestions you have, especially regarding the translation. I'm not a native speaker, so I could use feedback. I'll keep you posted on the progress I make with the rest of the subs!
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How to Add Subs to the DVD File [Jan. 5th, 2010|07:13 pm]
Okay, so this post is looooong overdue, and for that I apologize. I intend to describe the process by which you can take the video file from your Takarazuka DVD and view it on a computer with subtitles.

I must warn you: This process involves several steps and requires that you download a few free software programs. However, should one of you be aware of a simpler method, please inform me and I will re-post it here.

A reminder: If you order your Takarazuka DVD through the forwarding service my friend and I have set up (send your request to igiarisub AT gmail DOT com), we will include a complimentary subbed, backup copy of the Takarazuka performance, which will save you from doing all the hard work yourself!

Alternatively, if you already own an official copy of the DVD and you don't want to go through this whole process, I am willing to create a subbed backup DVD for you free of charge (not including shipping and handling, of course!). However, you have to prove to me that you actually bought the DVD--otherwise, it's not a legal backup copy. Ideally, I'd like a picture of the purchase receipt, but if you don't have that, then just take a picture of the Takarazuka DVD case / DVD with a note next to it that says your Livejournal name so that I know it's you. Send all pics to gkkljapan AT gmail DOT com along with your mailing address. I will e-mail you back regarding shipping and handling charges.

Without further ado...

STEP 1: Obtaining the Video File

1) Download a program for ripping the file off the DVD. I recommend "DVD Decrypter": www.dvddecrypter.org.uk/

2) Install the program. Insert your Takarazuka DVD into your computer's DVD Drive.

3) Run the program. The DVD video is segmented into several parts, so the program will show you a list of all the segments. Select all relevant files--they should be labeled "VTS_01_1" and such. You can tell which are the main files by how large they are.

4) Select the Destination Folder so that you can find your files.

5) Hit the Decrypt button (it's the image of the DVD/Hard Drive on the bottom left).

6) Voila! In about 30 minutes your video files should be fully ripped. They will be in .VOB format.

STEP 2: Converting the .VOB files to .AVI

I have not found a way to add subtitles directly to a .VOB file. I'm sure there is a way, but it's probably simpler to work with .AVI files. So for this step, we're gonna 1) consolidate the .VOB segments into a single .VOB file and 2) convert the consolidated .VOB into an .AVI file.

1) Download the program "JoinVobFiles": download.cnet.com/Join-VOB-Files-Tool/3000-13631_4-10718007.html

2) Install and run the program. Select which files you want to join with the Add VOB Files button. Make sure they're in the right order, then click the Join VOB Files button.

NOTE: You might have noticed that the first file in the series (VTS_01_1 or whatever it's called) includes part of the closing credits even though it's supposed to be the beginning of the play. I don't know why the video file is structured like this, but don't worry--we will remedy this at a later step.

3) Download "VirtualDUB": www.videohelp.com/tools/Virtualdub-MPEG2

4) Install and run the program. Then open the joined .VOB file. This will take several minutes. Even if the program appears to freeze, don't close it. Just give it time and it will eventually open.

5) Once it's opened, you'll see the video appear in Virtualdub. Now, the first thing we need to do is to get rid of those credits at the beginning--they mess up the timing of the subs, since the subs are synced to the beginning of the play and don't take into account the erroneously placed ending credits. So how do we do this? Don't worry, it's not too difficult.

     A. Make sure the timeline cursor is at the very beginning of the video (the farthest left possible). Hit the HOME key on your keyboard. This marks the beginning of the video frame selection.

     B. Drag the cursor to the right until the credits fade out, but BEFORE the Japanese DVD Warning Message appears. This should be around the 00:31 mark or so. Once you manage to stop the cursor at the right point, press the END key. This will mark the end of your video frame selection.

     C. You should see the part of the video you selected highlighted in BLUE on the timeline. At this point you have two options: 1) Delete this small segment of the credits if you don't care about it, or 2) save it as a separate .AVI file to be appended to the end product later on. If you choose option 1, simply hit the DELETE button and you're done. If you choose option 2, read below:

Now it's time to select the Audio and Video Codecs you will use to encode the file. I recommend either the DivX or XVid Video codecs, and the Lame Mp3 Audio codec. To configure the codec settings, go to the Video / Audio dropdown menus, select "Full Processing Mode," then select "Compression." Choose your codec from the list and configure your settings.

     D. Once you've configured your codec settings, I recommend you save them so that you don't have to do it all over again after closing VirtualDub! Just go to File and then "Save Processing Settings." Save it somewhere easy to find. This will keep you from having to manually re-enter all your configurations after closing the program.

     E. Go to File and select "Save Segmented AVI." The credits should now be saved as a separate .AVI file.

     F. Finally, once you've finished saving the credits, it's time to cut them from the timeline. Hit the DELETE key. The timeline should now begin with the DVD Warning Message.

6) You're almost done! If you decided to delete the credits segment, refer to parts C and D above to learn how to choose your Video/Audio codecs and configure their settings. Once you've done that, go to File, then Save as AVI. The final .AVI file will be between 2 and 2.8GBs or so, depending on your compression settings. It will take 2-3 hours for the file to finish saving, so go do something else while you wait.

7) Presto! You now have an .AVI version of the Takarazuka play! If you chose to save the credits segment and want to append it to the main video file, here's what to do:

     A. Open Virtualdub. Open the .AVI file of the play that you just saved.
     B. Load your Processing Settings if you need to.
     C. Go to Video, then select "Direct Stream Copy."
     D. Go to File, then "Append AVI Segment."
     E. Choose the credits .AVI file you saved a while ago.
     F. Save the file. Don't worry, it'll only take a few minutes. And voila, you have a fully complete .AVI file of the play!

STEP 3: Adding the Subtitles to the Video
Now that you have your video file, all you need to do is to add the subtitles. Thankfully, this step is a lot easier than the last one.

1) Make sure you have the most recent version of the subtitles file. Check the previous blog post I made to find the download link.

2) Download and install VobSub: www.afterdawn.com/software/video_software/subtitle_tools/vobsub.cfm

3) Place the subtitles file in the same directory as the video file. Make sure that they have the EXACT same filename.

4) Play the video and the subtitles should appear on the video automatically! If it doesn't work, you might have to configure your video player's settings to show the subtitles. If you're using VLC Player, you can open the subtitles file by going to File, clicking Advanced Open File, then checking the box that says "Use a subtitles file" and specifying the subtitles file you want to use. Then load the video and it should work!

Whew! That's the end of my tutorial. I know that it's a long process, and I wish I knew a better way. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at gkkljapan AT gmail DOT com, or you could just comment here.
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Whew...it's been a while. [Dec. 10th, 2009|12:08 am]
So I've nearly reached the light at the end of the tunnel. My graduate school applications are 99% done, my big November presentation on Japanese Literature was completed successfully, and I'm no longer tethered to my school's English Club 24/7. I've finally had time to sit back, enjoy some hot green tea, and catch up on a few TV series...and, of course, to fine-tune my Gyakuten Saiban subs :)

I'm posting a link to what I promise is (hopefully) the last update to the Gyakuten Saiban: Yomigaeru Shinjitsu subs. I just finished watching the performance for what must be the 1000th time, and believe it or not, I found enough small errors to warrant releasing a new file. A few awkward lines were reworked, some timing issues ironed out, and some typing errors corrected. I present to you the final version of the English subtitles for Phoenix Wright: The Truth Reborn!


Enjoy! I will begin work on Phoenix Wright 2 this month, and you can rest assured that I'll keep you updated on my progress.
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Link to the Subtitles File! [Oct. 20th, 2009|06:28 pm]
I've uploaded two versions of the Gyakuten Saiban subtitles to mediafire.com! One is in .ass format (a very unfortunate file extension =P ), and one is in .srt format. The .ass format is recommended, but if you can't read it for some reason, try the .srt one. There may be some slight formatting errors with the .srt file, however.

Link 1) http://www.mediafire.com/file/zzjdtkra4md/Gyakuten Saiban Yomigaeru Shinjitsu.ass
Link 2) http://www.mediafire.com/file/fmlzzmmzzam/Gyakuten Saiban Yomigaeru Shinjitsu.srt

*NOTE: I had to fix a slight error in the previously uploaded subs. If you already downloaded the subs from the old links, please download the correct version from the links above.

I should also mention that I did not have time to add character tags to all the lines. That is to say, I didn't indicate who is saying what. This actually isn't as big a problem as you would think, as the context usually makes it clear who's speaking. But I thought I should just warn you all.

Hope you enjoy! If you find any errors or have any suggestions, please let me know. The translation was created by myself and my friend Dave, and we split the work pretty evenly. We tried to make it sound as unified as possible without either of our voices standing out too much. We also deviated from the original lines in some cases in order to make more natural-sounding speech. But overall, I feel we remained faithful to the source material. Hopefully you'll be satisfied!

By the way, if you wanna hop on over to Dave's blog, you can find it at: http://tokyoscum.blogspot.com/ . His handle is "DrSenbei." 

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The subs (and video!) are officially complete! [Oct. 20th, 2009|10:42 am]
Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. GREs, graduate school applications, job-related responsibilities and social obligations have all conspired to suck away all of my free time. Luckily, I was able to spend this past weekend working hardcore on the editing. I am happy to announce that the English subtitles for Phoenix Wright: The Truth Reborn are finally complete!

I will look for a place to host the subtitles online so that anyone may download them. I will post the link to the download site after I do so. I also have a hard-subbed video version available (that means the subs are actually encoded onto the video, rather than being displayed by an external program).

I don't want to be found guilty of piracy, so I can't distribute the video file. :( However, if anyone orders a Takarazuka video by e-mailing igiarisub@gmail.com, we will include the subbed video as a backup copy of the DVD (which is legal). So let me know if you're interested!

I apologize for the agonizingly long wait that you guys have had to endure. Trust me, I've been frustrated as well. Every time I thought I had time to work on the subs, this thing called "life" came knocking at my door and threatened to derail the entire project. I'm just glad it's all over!

As always, comments and suggestions are appreciated. If you find any errors or have any comments about the subs, please don't hesitate to let me know. I know I'm not the most responsive person around (I take ages to respond to comments on LJ, for instance ;_; ), but trust me when I say I'd love to hear from all of you!

Thanks for all of your support! I plan on starting translation on the sequel soon (the DVD was released this month!). I'll keep you all updated on that project as well!
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Subs complete, currently editing [Sep. 16th, 2009|04:23 pm]
The subs for Gyakuten Saiban: Yomigaeru Shinjitsu were finished a few days ago! Now my partner and I are in the process of editing them for accuracy, clarity and consistency. I'll release the subs file once we are done editing.
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Subs 80% complete! [Sep. 5th, 2009|09:37 pm]
Just an update for everyone: The subtitles are approximately 80% complete, so only a bit more to go! My partner and I still have to do some editing for consistency, timing, and so on, but the raw text is mostly there. So hopefully you won't be waiting much longer!

About DVD sales: A new account has been set up to handle DVD requests. If you would like to purchase a Gyakuten Saiban DVD, please e-mail your request and all relevant info to:


My partners and I have decided to tentatively set the price we're asking to $110 . After factoring in domestic shipping, international shipping, exchange rates, paypal fees, and bank transfer fees, we'll probably be lucky to break even ^_^ ''' Please keep in mind that we may have to adjust the price depending upon shipping fees to your particular country.

I think that's about it for now. Time to get back to finishing that last 20%!

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My First Post! [Aug. 6th, 2009|12:48 am]
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Okay, so after a huge delay, I've finally gotten around to making my very first LJ post! Hooray!

Anyway, I will mainly be using this blog to keep people updated on whatever translation projects I'm working on. I'll post the more personal updates on Mixi, since I need to practice my written Japanese more >_> For those of you who are on Mixi, my username is GKKLJapan. Feel free to look me up :)

Anyway, without further ado, here is my current translation project:

Gyakuten Saiban (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)

I am working with my friend dr.senbei to translate the first Takarazuka performance of "逆転裁判:蘇る真実", which roughly translates into "Turnabout Trial: The Truth Reborn". This series is better known as "Phoenix Wright" outside of Japan.

For those of you unfamiliar with Takarazuka, please go here:

I realize that there is huge fan anticipation for this translation, and I apologize for the delay in getting it to you guys. There's been a lot going on at work and otherwise, not to mention studying for the JLPT, GRE and Kanji Kentei exams. I will post the completed subtitles file here (it will be in .ass format). I will do my best to finish the subs by the end of August, but this in large part depends on how quickly my partner can finish his portion. He's in the middle of moving and job searching, so his schedule is not exactly the freest ^_^'''

Once this translation is finished, I will promptly begin translating Gyakuten Saiban 2. That's right--the first play had such a wonderful reception that Takarazuka is performing a sequel: kageki.hankyu.co.jp/revue/138/index.shtml

How to obtain the DVD

If you are interested in buying the DVD of the performance, there are some things you should know:

1) It's quite expensive (~9,000 yen, or roughly $95)
2) Most vendors that I know of do not ship outside of Japan
3) There are limited supplies
4) There are no subtitles included (hence why I'm translating it!)

Since I don't know of any vendors that ship internationally (unless you're using an Auction site like eBay or Yahoo!), I am willing to provide a forwarding service for anyone who's interested in purchasing the DVD.

Here is the site I will order from: www.tca-pictures.net/shop/cgi-bin/item_seek.cgi

If you would like me to buy a copy of the DVD for you and send it to you, please read the following:

1) Send your request, including your name and mailing address, to gkkljapan AT gmail DOT com. Please also tell me how many copies of the DVD you want.

2) Once I receive your request, I will send you an e-mail to confirm your order. The e-mail will include payment instructions. Note: I will only accept Paypal, since it's the fastest and most secure method of payment. I don't know the exact amount I will charge as I have not yet calculated the shipping and handling costs. However, after factoring in the exchange rate, I estimate it will be somewhere around ~$100.

3) After receiving payment, I will order the DVD. I am not sure how long it will take to arrive, but since it's within Japan I'd say less than a week. Shipping to the United States takes 7-10 days via Air Mail. So in total, please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery.

I am a trustworthy person. I will not scam you. But don't take my word for it--you can look at my Feedback on eBay here: myworld.ebay.com/nginafirst/ . If you want me to prove that that profile is indeed mine, click the "Contact Member" link and send me a message, and I'll reply. Admittedly, I haven't been active on that site for a while, but it's all I have as far as references go. Keep in mind that I'm trusting you to go through with your order, lest I end up $100 in the hole with a DVD I don't need :)

Once you have your DVD, you'll have to rip the files off the DVD onto your computer so that you can watch the play using the subtitles. I'll describe that process in a future post. For now, it's time for bed. Good night, fellow Gyakuten Saiban fans! :)

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