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Editing Update [Mar. 10th, 2011|01:25 am]
Editing is about 80% complete--I caught a bunch of character conversion problems (weird symbols kept cropping up when I burned the subs to the video), corrected some translation errors (!), and fine-tuned a good number of lines in terms of both formatting and content. In particular, there were some Japanese jokes that just weren't translating well, so I ignored the originals and made up my own, for better or worse. I hope there are no objections? =P

The remaining 20% of the editing will consist of:

1) At least one more full viewing to catch any final translation, formatting, or other issues (I've already watched it about 4 times already, but I'm a perfectionist, what can I say?)

2) Adding Karaoke subtitles for the recurring songs. The only song in the first play that I bothered making Karaoke subs for was "Yomigaeru Shinjitsu" ("The Truth Reborn"), because it was a time-consuming process and it was the only "main" song that I felt deserved it. This time around, however, there are a lot more singing/dancing numbers than the first play, and there are at least three songs that recur often enough that I can consider them the "main" thematic songs of the play. Thus, I will be making Karaoke subs for these three songs. I'll also be using some cool effects to make them nice to look at :) Hopefully they'll enhance everyone's viewing pleasure!

I intend to finish everything by this weekend, so expect me to upload the subtitles as well as video clips and all that jazz between March 11th and March 13th, unless something goes horribly wrong and I'm forced to wait till next week.

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to announce that once the subtitles are officially released, I will be starting my "Free Backup DVD" service again. Basically, if you e-mail me a scan or photo of your original DVD purchase receipt or the DVD set itself (with a note proving that it's you and not some stock photo), I will burn a copy of the subbed video file to a DVD data disc (NOT playable in standard DVD Players) and send it to you free of charge. Well, almost free; I just ask that you reimburse me for shipping and handling. I've been ripped off once already, so unfortunately I must ask for payment prior to shipping :( 

Please do not e-mail me requests for the video file without proof of your purchase. I do not intend to illegally distribute the video, whether via torrent or any other method. If someone uses one of my backup DVDs to upload the file to the Internet, well, that's out of my control. I'm assuming that someone who actually shells out the $100+ for a legitimate copy of the DVD would not be the type to distribute it online.

As for why I provide this service, I know that ripping the DVD yourself and getting the subtitles to sync up can be a really long and annoying process, so this saves you both the time and effort of having to do so.

Anyway, off to bed I go!